Nox is an arts graduate wondering what to do with his life. Taylor and Lizzy are famous indie musicians, and Rocky works the checkouts at Target.

When they find themselves trapped in a giant shopping centre, they eat fast food, watch bad TV and wait for the mess to be sorted. But when days turn to weeks, a sense of menace grows.



“… the sort of thing that might happen if Kafka wrote a script for Big Brother.”

Sydney Morning Herald

“Carousel is an absorbing young adult read with a dark edge.”

Sally Murphy, Aussie Reviews

“Ritchie writes with insight and casual elegance, managing to create a work that, though driven by the characters’ boredom and the shrinkage of their physical world, is rich and moving.”

Jen Banyard, Westerly Magazine

“… this is a great book.”

Belle's Beautiful Books

“It’s a perceptive and insightful novel with strong voices and beautiful writing.”

Dee White

“It’s a great premise that taps into our own anxieties about consumerism, identity and the dissonance between natural and built environments.”

The West Australian

“It is a relief to see this WA author is writing a sequel to his addictive first novel.”

The Advertiser

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ISBN: 9781925162141

Format: Paperback

Pages: 352

Publisher: Fremantle Press

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