Beyond Carousel

Beyond Carousel by Brendan Ritchie


Nox, Taylor and Lizzy are desperate to uncover the secret of the Disappearance. But there is more to the new world than they ever suspected, and the danger is only just beginning. They quickly learn they are not the only survivors to roam the broken city. Saving those they love will mean risking everything – and time is running out.

This is the thrilling sequel to Carousel.



“This novel is a fascinating commentary on an arts world that has lost its soul and on finding meaning, purpose and understanding through art.”


"Accompanying a rich narrative of friendship, uncertainty and survival, this novel celebrates the arts and what it truly means to be an artist."


"It is a well-constructed narrative and Nox is an honest and relatable narrator … it is unput-downable."


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ISBN: 9781925164039

Format: Paperback

Pages: 360

Publisher: Fremantle Press

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