Beyond Carousel — out now!

Beyond Carousel — out now!

Beyond Carousel, Events 06.10.2016

Beyond Carousel started rolling out into bookstores from the 1st of October. Of course, if you’re in Perth you can come along this Wednesday to the official launch at Beaufort Street Books. You can even get your copy signed by Brendan himself (honestly, it would be kind of weird if someone else signed it). Remember to register as there are very few spots left!

If you’re outside of Perth, head out and support your favourite local bookshop by picking up a copy. You can usually find Beyond Carousel in the Young Adult section. If they don’t already have it in stock, give them a friendly nudge and they’ll order it in for you.

Don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home? The Internet has got you covered. Here are a few sites we’d recommend:

Once you’ve got it in your arms there’s only four things left to do:

  1. Cancel all your plans.
  2. Tell everyone on social media (so no one gets concerned about why you’ve gone quiet): #beyondcarousel.
  3. Read, read, read.
  4. Review on Goodreads or any site that will let you (do Horse and Hound have a website?!). And/or tweet at Brendan!

You did it.

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