Margaret River Readers & Writers Festival - Let's take a moment, 12-14 May 2023

Eta Draconis Book Launch at Margaret River Readers & Writers Festival

Eta Draconis, Events 29.03.2023

Sunday 14 May 2023
9:30am – 10:30am
Readers & Writers Room, Margaret River HEART – Nala Bardip Mia

Winner of the 2022 Dorothy Hewett Award

Life on earth undergoes a complex change as meteorites begin to rain down from the dying star Eta Draconis; the world does not collapse, but old certainties disappear. As two sisters journey to the city from their small coastal town in southwest Western Australia ahead of the coming semester, they are forced to confront their problems and recalibrate their hopes for the future. Join Brendan Ritchie for a poetic and compelling discussion of his award-winning novel.
Hosted by Barry Divola

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